The Rapid Read GLossary...



the role in the ePermits system that refers to the administrator of the ePermits account



the role in the ePermits system assigned to an individual who submits plans for review on behalf of the administrator



the on-line calendar that shows you the date and time when the project has been submitted


a "shopping cart" holding "orders" and functioning to allow on-line payments; a Will Call cart allows the DBA to submit on-line and pay in person


"Doing Business As;"  the type of account for a company


DBA Admin

the role in the ePermit system that defines the admin of the ePermit account; an individual who submits permit requests on behalf of the DBA


the screen that provides a high - end view of all processed  projects.  Provides a high-level summary of completed tasks; the homepage


External Users:

          representatives for contractors, tract home builders, septic installers, storm water quality technicians, and other companies doing business in Harris County

External User Roles:

users can be classed by their permissions and function in the system.  These classifications (roles) are:  Admin, Power User, and Agent.

Internal Users:

authorized Harris County PID A&E employees


Internal User Roles

users can be classed by their permissions and function in the system.  For Internal Users, the classifications (roles) are:  Super Admin, Upper Management, Management, Receiving Clerk, Permit Technician, Cashier, and Records.

"My Account"

A location where the user can change his/her password, update personal information, and request access to other DBA's


Pending Projects: 

projects currently  under review


Pending User Access

a function appearing on the Dashboard screen; it transfers you to the Manage Users screen;  this screen can give you more information about the user.



a legal document giving approval for construction work in Harris County


Power User:

a user with limited administrative rights, but with the ability to submit projects in the ePermits system



a proposed plan (permit request) submitted to the permit office for approval and permitting; when the plan/project is totally approved, it is  called a permit



the records file has a history of all issued permits


Returned Project

a project submittal that has been returned to the DBA;  the submittal contains comments which  can be updated by the DBA in the system so that it can be reviewed again



the location  where you can update all of the DBA account information



the project's current stage of development; the stages include, but are not limited to:


Open                              Approved

Received                    Disapproved

In Progress                    Issued

Returned                    Incomplete



the function in which a DBA can reach ITC or PID by means of e-mail; after the e-mail is sent, Support assists by answering questions


Users Button

the same function as the  Pending User Access


User's Menu

a menu that provides the means of creating, editing, deactivating and activating new and existing users


User Profile

the description of the DBA


Will Call:

orders that are initiated on-line but the permit is paid in person with check, cash, or money order