How do I use the Calendar?


The ePermits Calendar is a visual that holds the schedules for project work.  You may see the calendar in these formats:  Year (with all twelve months visible), Month, Week, and Day (with times).  You may use several paths to get to the same information.


To use the Calendar, you may select any format.  For an example, select the Month view.  Scheduled projects are denoted by a blue dot and the project number.  To find more detail in the monthly view, hover the cursor over the Project number or the Day.  This sends a pop-up summary to your screen.  Details include the address, the application ID, and the date and time of the project (see below).


Monthly View



Weekly View




Daily View



Daily calendar information is similar to the monthly data in that the details are posted.  In the blue bar (see below), the project number and the address of the project are given. You can access this information by hovering the cursor over the left side of the bar.  The background of the bar becomes light so that you can see the lettering.



Double-clicking the bar with an address yields a description which can be exported