The ePermit Help Utility


Using This Help


This Help environment is one in which you receive guidance through the features of ePermits and answers to the questions you may have. 


Help is accessible at anytime while in the Building Permits application. 


Before you start the program, check the left side topics for these icons:  


If they are not visible, hover the mouse pointer over the vertical line that separates the right side from the left side. When you see a double headed arrow, drag the arrow with your mouse to the right in order to place the line far enough to the until you see an icon at the beginning of all topics. If these icons are visible when you open the application, you may continue.


Use the Help to your advantage by remembering these facts:



o After you open the Building Permits application and click Help in the menu bar, the screen is made up of two areas or "panes," separated by a vertical line.

oThe left pane displays three tabs.  With these tabs, you navigate to specific information. 

oThe Contents tab lists informative topics stated as questions.  To open the topics in the Contents tab:

Click once for those topics that are preceded by the question mark icon .  For those topics preceded by a closed book, double click to make the component topics visible.  Also, double clicking the book will "open" the book to display more topics.

oThe Index tab allows you to choose a term and its screen location is displayed.  It limits you to a list of words.

oThe Search tab allows you to locate words or phrases. To use this tab, type the word or phrase you want in the field and press Search.  To limit the search, select the radio button that applies.     In the right-hand pane, after pressing Search, if the word(s) occurs more than one time, a small box displays to identify the topics;  the term  is highlighted in yellow on screen.  If the term is not present in the content, "No topics found" displays.