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Check your Power Release Status

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  • Only enter Street Number and/or Street Name (ex: 123 Main)
  • Do not enter the suffix at all (Road, Rd., Parkway, Pkwy, Boulevard, Blvd, etc)
  • Abbreviate a directional prefix like "North" to "N" with no period (ex: 123 N Main)
  • If not found, then spell out "North" instead of "N" (ex: 123 North Main)

Please read to help expedite your Permanent Power Release

Step 1: Obtaining Permanent Power

  • Obtain a Harris County Development Permit (temporary & permanent power releases are sent automatically the next business day after permits are issued)
  • If any of the following items are outstanding, you are NOT eligible for permanent power:
    • Violations
    • Inspections (not to include 3rd party inspections, driveways & signs)
    • Unpaid Storm Water Quality Inspection Fees

Step 2: Call Centerpoint Energy

  • If you are a homeowner: Call Centerpoint Energy at 713-207-2222 to have an Electric Service Identifier (ESI ID)* number created.
  • If you are a home builder/contractor: Visit CenterPoint website to submit your request for an ESI ID number
  • The 22-digit ESI ID number serves to identify the service location for a specific address. It also identifies the meter where electric usage will be tracked. NOTE: The ESI ID number is NOT an account number.
  • Permananent Electrical Meters and Temporary Electrical Meters each have a different ESI ID

Step 3: Choose a Retail Electric Provider

  • Once you have your ESI ID number, allow 2 business days before contacting the Retail Electric Provider of your choice
  • For a list of Retail Providers, visit www.powertochoose.org
  • Contact the Retail Electric Provider and complete an application to have electric service turned on.

Step 4: What's next?

  • The Retail Electric Provider will send the start service order to CenterPoint Energy.
  • If the order is rejected due to lack of a permit from Harris County:
    • Refer to Step 1
    • Verify the meter address matches the permitted address. To update the permit address contact (713) 274-3756
  • All power releases sent to Centerpoint are valid for 1 year from the date the permit is issued.
  • If your Retail Electric Provider service order is older than 20 days a new order will need to be submitted.

Step 5: The Start Service Order is Received by CenterPoint Energy.

  • Meters are usually installed within 3 business days of the requested start date, weather and workload permitting.