***Attention*** Cadence Bank, who provides our web-hosted payment processor, has identified the following bug. Please read

 We have identified an issue with the Google reCAPTCHA service utilized by the Transaction Express Hosted Payment Page. This issue is requiring merchants and cardholders to verify the security images multiple times, preventing them from processing a payment. 

This issue is tied to the Google service and does not appear to be isolated to Transaction Express. We are monitoring the situation and working to identify any options to resolve this internally. We will update this communication as the issue progresses. 
In the interim, users experiencing this issue should try the follow ing to attempt to bypass the issue.
• Ensure the browser in use is not in Privacy Mode 
• Ensure the browser in use has not disabled 3'd-party cookies; reCAPTCHA requires a cookie to work correctly. 
• Clear the browser cache and cookies and try again 
• Disable browser add-ons if the steps above does not solve the issue. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.
The Harris County ePermits web site is best viewed in IE10 or higher, Chrome or Firefox.


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